Imperfectly Perfect

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Staring at a picture, perfectly timed
Building a image for the outside world
Capture the moment lost in time
Just the right angle to make you shine

A picture is worth a thousand words,
Imperfectly Perfect, showing the world
A beautiful soul that never gets old.
Hiding in gold of a flawed world.

Perfectly painted background shaded
Sell perfection that’s what gets them
Hide the flaws behind those walls
That’s a lie but don’t be shy

Imperfectly perfect, showing the world,
Beauty is flawed,
lying in the eyes of the behold
Picture perfect soul that never gets old

Go paint your picture in gold
Building your image for the outside world
Remember but don’t fear
Flaws never disappear

A picture is worth a thousand words,
Imperfectly Perfect, showing the world
A beautiful soul that never gets old.
Hiding in gold of a flawed world.

Loving Dream

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One sise fits all
Set the scene for what it means
Sitting in the back row
imagining how it will go
Unknown face in my dreams
Just like a movie scene

Your arms around me
Holding tight
Like a dream taking flight
Drifting away in starry skies
Getting lost through your eyes

The warmth and light on this flight
Giving hope until morning light
Don’t want to let go
but it’s known to fade away
Into fogginess of pure bliss

Your arms around me
Holding tight
Like a dream taking flight
Drifting away in starry skies
Getting lost through your eyes

There’s no darkness only light
Drifting off in in the starry night
I’ll meet you there to hold me tight
Even if there’s no sight
Of who you are with day break’s light

Night time comes with hope in sight
To see your smile like stars so bright
This is how you’re known to me
Pretty smile holding me tight
Unknown face until morning light

Waking up to the morning call
Your arms around me disappear
Leaving an emptiness so clear
Until we meet again my dear
Hoping to see your face appear

Love Language

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My love language looks like
Moonlight and fire
Underneath shining stars
Old books and stories of days gone by
Laughter and music filled with tears of sadness and joy
Lazy Sundays with companionable silence
Patience and passion
Connected souls full of life and fire

Keep Your head high

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Those with the sunniest hearts hurts the most
Keep your head high cause that’s what makes you fly.
Don’t hide your pain or wallow in shame
Soften the blow like only you know
Over thinking Bearley blinking
Drowning in what if’s and why’s
Only to realise there’s nowhere to hide
Swallow your pride but don’t loose the fight
Hitting that blow may not show the strength you may own
Keep your head high take back your pride cause that’s where true strength lies.

Siels Kos

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Honger, so algemeen maklik, eet en die versadigingspunt bereik
Hoe gemaak as kos jou nie verful as die illusie breek en jy jouself verneuk.
Tydelike genot n oomblik van tevredenheid gevolg deur die leemte van weet dis my siel wat wil eet.
Musiek, brood of die groter woord, Tv, sex, drugs rock n roll elkeen eis sy eie toll maar wat maak jou siel vol.
Kies jou bord, weeg die prys wat jy betaal en besluit of dit jou weer vaal of verful.

Beautiful Child

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As I look at your face peacefully sleeping
I imagine the dreams you may have
Challenges that may come
Skinned knees and broken heart
My beautiful child may you always know
There’s no reason to hide any of this in pride
For I will be there holding your hand
And no I may not always understand
But I’ll still be there holding your hand
You may not be mine, but you are
Adopted by heart
For you are loved unconditionally so
May you never forget and always know
You’ll have a place in my heart forever so

Pain Over Numbness

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There was a time I confessed my love
Got turned down and promised to never be that vulnerable again, locked my heart for years to come
As time went by lowerd the curtains got attached and chattered again.
Walls went up, then you came along, bit by bit you knocked them down.
Fell in love without knowing until the day you went away.
I Always knew but it happened too fast, our love probably never meant to last.
You came in to my life so quickly didn’t know what hit me.
Loved you in silence and always will. Missing you only leaves a smile on my face.
knowing you, made me see to love and be loved is worth the pain over numbness any day.

Forever to come

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It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way
But baby I’m here to stay.
I don’t know how you stole my heart this way and now I think about you every single day. I love you dearly and now it’s clear to me
I want to share my life with you
even though today is gone we have forever more to come
I’ll hold your hand when you feel down and straighten up your precious crown
Some days might be hard to bear but when the light goes on you’ll find me there
On rainy days and stormy seas you’ll be my anchor keeping me near
I love you dearly and now it’s clear to me even though today is gone we have forever more to come.
The rainbow after the storm you will forever be my home
I might not know how you stole my heart so quickly
But I love you dearly and now it’s clear to me
Even though today is gone we have forever more to come

Not the end

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How do I know what I am feeling
If I can’t explain what I feel?
I only know that I’ll miss you so
You’ll forever be ingraved in my mind
Chained to my heart my smile my friend
This goodbye is not the end we’ll be miles apart but I’ll love you till the end
We’re so different but the same
You’r my darkness and I’m your light
You touched my heart with your lively spark and forever left a mark
You’ll forever be ingraved in my mind Chained to my heart my smile my friend
This goodbye is not the end we’ll be miles apart but I’ll love you till the end.

Fake Noises

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Voices in your head
Whispering lies of worthlessness
With tears in your eyes believing those lies
Killing yourself slowly deep inside.

Darkness has taken over your mind
Like a child wanting to hide from the pain pulling away from the light
Hold on tight don’t slip away in the night
reach out and fight

I know you’re weary and can’t see clearly
Remember those voices is just fake noises
Darling please see you’re worth more than you might believe.

Our Rainbow

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We heard the news
silent screams of happiness
careful optimism for
this growing light.
The rainbow after our storm
a new day has come.
The fear is real
but hope is stronger
the storm is over
but the clouds still hovering.

You are our new day dawning
Our rainbow, light, hope and fear.
Each day you’r growing
It becomes so real
Love so surreal a bond
Never to be broken.
Our little miracle
Our rainbow, light hope and fear.

Real Me

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I’m ok
I’m strong
Don’t worry nothing’s wrong
The weight of the world I can hold
Being brave that’s my stage

Darkness falls I can no longer be bold
Loose the pose after the doors close
Get lost in my feelings and can’t stop bleeding

Daylight comes get up show up
Put on that brave face make up
Put up my smile we will run this mile
Vulnerability aside and nowhere to hide

Looking in the mirror it makes me shiver
They know me but I don’t show me
Or maybe just the vulnerable part of me
The me that makes me feel the me that makes me real

Angel Sinner

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I’m no Angel I’m just a sinner showing you what you want to see
Hiding the reality of my thoughts under the wings of my existence
I am who I’ve always been you just chose too see only the good in me
I’m an Angel sinner
My innocence not so sweet what if there’s something else hiding underneath
Fighting the darkness of my desires
Hiding the reality of my thoughts under the wings of my existence
I’m an Angel sinner
Angel sinner with the moon light in your eyes show your wings black and white
Embrace your darkness and your light
Angel sinner of the light embrace your desires give up the fight

Free myself

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Sitting here in a quiet room feeling lost inside my head
Drowning in the clutter of my mind
Wanting to break free
Free from the shackles that bind me
The opinions of the world voices of people around me floating whispers in the night
I’m not brave enough to give it up
How do I free myself from the the shackles that bind me
Drowning out the noise in my head giving in to fear instead
The emptiness inside growing stronger everytime
I need to break the chain and free myself from the shackles that bind me


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And so our Christmas tree is up!!

This is the time of the year people start looking back at the past year, remembering all the good times and also the sad times. Some are busy planning a holliday with family or friends. Running around doing shopping for the Christmas eve diner and lunch on Christmas day, buying and wrapping presents to put under the tree.  Some people call it the silly season ( not without a reason). In some cases this is a very stressfull time.

But for me: well, I look at the decorated Christmas tree with pretty lights flashing. My mind drifting away to that long gone years of my childhood.

Me as a child looking at the tall Christmas tree, flickering lights so pritty, I can’t stop smiling. But not for long, (standing still was not my thing). Running out to where all the other people were sitting around chatting, to jump on my granny’s lap for a quick kiss, just to run off again to the next.

The tables all packed with food, potato salad, bean salad, cold salads,hot salads, chicken hot or cold, gamon, roast beef, you just have to deside what you want and howmuch you can eat.
How good it was way back as a child.

All grownup and working, you relize just how special those moments were. Today we all work hard and long hours, some of us work even on Christmas weekend. Some family members not with us aney more, others moved away.
I would give aneything to spend Christmas with all of my family, the entire extended family, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole nine yeards.

Its funny how you miss and remember all the little things like that when you are all grown up.

It made me relise, its so easy in todays life to loos perseption of the real meaning of Christmas. We run around to buy gifts and things but vorget to stop and say: “thank you God for the plesure of spending time with my family and friends. Thank you that I am still alife to see and do all these things. Thank you for saving me and my family.”
How special would that gift under the tree be if the person you love arnt there to see you open it?

So today I leave you with this thougt.
Do you relise how lucky you are to be able to spend this special holiday season with friends and family?

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So many girls fall in love with the wrong guy, simply because the wrong guy usually says all the right things.

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We all have our own special or maybe not so special memories. For some people those memories determine the way they live, love or hate. But do those memories realy have to determine all those things? Is it realy an excuse for making a mess or success of your life? Isn’t it still your choice as a person how you want to live and what good or bad choices you make in life? I mean why is it your friend’s fault when you decide to jump off the roof just because they did or because they teased you as a kid and made you feel incompetent and not worthy of love? Those things should not be what makes you,you.

In today’s life it is so easy to get lost in your own excuses of pure pressure, ect, that we vorget about our moral values and the influence of God in our lives. Today I ask of you to take a look at your own life and decisions and ask yourself: Is this realy who I am and what I whant to be? Is this the memory I whant to leave behind?

So today I leave you whith this and a little poem I wrote.


Life is but a memory,
A moment, a day, a weekend, a month and people you meet,
All just memories.
Good or bad or grate.
There is photos and those you keep save in your hart and mind.
Just think this moment in one second will also be just a memory.
Time go’s by so fast, you live your life, you live the moment, the weekend, the month and all that remains is Memories.

Hello world!

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